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Confused as to how much stamp duty you might need to pay for your new home? Use our stamp duty calculator for an accurate calculation of the amount you are likely to be paying upon completion of your house purchase.

Just enter the property value, indicate if you are a first-time buyer, and whether you are a non-UK resident then hit calculate. It’s that simple!

Should you want to understand a little more about why you may need to pay stamp duty or SDLT as it is known, scroll below our calculator to find out more.

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How much stamp duty will I pay?

Stamp duty is worked out on the price of your property and your status as a buyer. Rates for first-time buyers for example are considerably different to those already established on the property ladder.
Simply enter the required details on the left and hit calculate to see the amount you are likely to pay.


What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax paid by homeowners when purchasing a freehold, a new or existing leasehold property or a property through a shared ownership scheme. In some cases, you may find yourself exempt from paying stamp duty.


Stamp duty for first-time buyers

If the property you are buying is your first venture into being a homeowner, stamp duty may be something of a surprising addition to the costs you need to factor in. Luckily, for first-time buyers, you won’t need to worry about using our stamp duty calculator if the property you are purchasing is valued at less than £425,000.
Should the property be worth more, you’ll be expected to pay 5% stamp duty on the value above £425,000. If the price of the home is more than £625,000 you will be charged stamp duty at the normal rates. When this is the case, use our calculator to assist you with learning how much you are likely to need to pay.

Property ValueStamp Duty
Up to £425,0000%
Above £625,000Normal stamp duty rates


Stamp Duty for existing homeowners

If you are already on the property ladder and are in the process of selling a house and purchasing another then stamp duty will be due. Unless the property is worth less than £250,000.

Rates for stamp duty are different for existing homeowners compared to those for first-time buyers. So, use our stamp duty calculator above and leave the first-time buyer box unchecked to get an idea of the amount of stamp duty you will be expected to pay.

Currently, you will only start paying stamp duty on property priced above £250,000.

Property ValueStamp Duty
Up to £250,0000%

So if a house is worth £500,000, you will pay 5% stamp duty on the amount over £250,000. For a home costing £925,000-£1.5m, you’ll pay 10% on the value above £925,000.


Paying your stamp duty

Your solicitor will confirm the amount of stamp duty to be paid and organise this from the funds generated by the sale of your home or via funds you may have put aside for this charge. This must be paid within 14 days of completion.


Stamp duty penalties

If you do not pay the stamp duty within the 14 days, you could find yourself facing a penalty of £100 if you pay up to three months after completion and £200 if you pay after three months have passed. Should twelve months pass and the SDLT still not be paid you will be charged a set rate, plus an additional amount that could match the full value of stamp duty. Furthermore, interest will be added to this making your final bill well over the amount you found on our stamp duty calculator.


Stamp duty exemptions

You will not be required to pay any stamp duty if you match the first-time buyer requirements, we mentioned above but you can also find yourself exempt if:

  • The property is given to you as a gift (this property must be mortgage-free for this to apply)
  • The property is transferred to you through divorce
  • The property is transferred to you via a will


Stamp duty for non-UK residents

If you are a non-UK resident but are looking to buy a home in the UK, normal stamp duty rates plus an additional 2% will apply.

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