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Simpler smarter reporting


When something’s not working in your home there’s little more frustrating than being caught in a game of telephone tag as you try to get the problem put right.

We realised that technology could help a lot here, and so we’ve invested in a new online reporting system which makes it easier and faster for tenants to report maintenance or repair problems. It also helps us as Managing agents identify the best solution quickly, and keep track of what’s going on.

The reporting system adapts to different screen sizes, so whether you’re sitting at a computer or want to use a smartphone you can follow the step by step instructions and ensure we get the information (including any helpful photos) we need to act efficiently. By getting more accurate information we’d hope too that over time we can reduce the cost of repairs, benefiting everybody.

Just as important the system automatically logs and organises the correspondence. If you call our offices whoever you speak to will be able to pull up the system dashboard to see all open issues, and focus immediately on what’s happening with you (the tracking only stops when an issue is closed, which in turn can only happen with a confirmation from the tenant). For landlords and tenants this means an informed conversation is always available. For us it means we can monitor everything effectively and stay on top of our landlords and tenants needs. 

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