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Sales Update – February 2020


Boris (Brexit) bounce?

The start to the New Year has been as brisk as expected. We have seen a 22% increase in new buyer registrations year on year and a 14% increase in viewings for the same period. However, we have also seen a 28% increase in new valuation requests and as expected this should lead to a reasonable flow of new properties coming to the market.

Whilst this is only a small snapshot, buyer sentiment seems to have improved and the level and nature of the offers we are receiving seem to be proof of this increased conviction. Interestingly, many of the potential new vendors have stated that they were waiting to sell for some time but felt the market was in too bad a place to make that a good idea. Whilst they have the feeling that current conditions are more favourable, they still seen realistic about the prices they can achieve.

Our suggestion to anyone planning the sale of any stock they currently hold in the next cycle, is to contact our team now to discuss this so that we can understand your target price, look at potential timescales around this and then alert you when we feel this point is approaching.


– Jaimie Beers, Managing Director, Madley Property

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