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We know it's not easy to talk on the phone and that trying to find the right home or investment can be a frustrating process. So to make things quicker, simpler and in order to put you in quick contact with the best member of our team for your search, we have built this easy to use form with 5 quick questions to tell us the information we need.

1. Are you buying a home to live in or an investment?

2. Do you have a property to sell?

3. Do you have your finance arranged?

4. Would you like to speak to our preferred mortgage brokers?

5. How long have you been looking?

6. Have you made any offers?

Would you like a call? If so tell us the best time to contact you.

Any other information you think we should know?

What if estate agents
were different?

Where they actually
worked the way you
needed them to?

With better

Where you had a whole
team working for you

Careful valuers.

Strong administrators.

Astute negotiators.

Few individuals have all these skills
- so we build teams who do.

With better insight

Where staff are rewarded
for thinking harder

Looking deeper into our customer's needs.

Sharing ideas with fellow colleagues.

Rewarded for seeking the best deal, not just the quickest.

Where you can always speak to someone who knew what was going on.

With fairer fees

Where you're not charged a percentage of the property value (it doesn't relate to anything)

Where there's a simple table of flat fees - you only pay for the services you want.

It's fairer, clearer, and better value.

Whether you're buying, selling, letting or renting

We're better focused on your interests

With the team skills to match, better informed and fairer in our fees.

We think this
is what estate
agents are for.
It's what we do.

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