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As prices in the most central areas of London skyrocketed, the Surrey Quays and Canada Water districts have gone from a neglected backwater of South East London to one of the most dynamic regeneration zones in the capital. Critically new transport links from the Jubilee Line and rejuvenated London Overground have changed the equation. The area already had good shopping facilities, and an attractive diverse housing stock. New premium developments have widened the choice, and with plenty of potential still to be realised Surrey Quays is one of the most interesting property propositions in London.

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Why use us to sell your property Surrey Quays?

Each area of London is unique and anyone looking to buy in that area will have their own individual requirements driving their search. Surrey Quays is an area with a great history, but also an area that has undergone great change and this change is, if anything, picking up pace.

The area attracts buyers from a wide range of backgrounds with varying budgets. These can be owner occupiers looking for a starter home in London to buyers looking for more exclusive riverside or dockside apartments. They could be buy to let investors from the UK or overseas who are looking for the areas strong rental returns or investors who want to take advantage of the regeneration master plan being headlined by British Land. These buyers may already know and love the area, or they may be completely new to the location.

When working in an area such as Surrey Quays it is vital that agents understand both the history and the future. To understand a sellers perspective, what they want to achieve from the process and how best to deliver it relies on an in depth knowledge of not only the past demand and values, but also the current market and future developments that may affect the value of their client’s property or their potential buyer’s decisions. With an area such as Surrey Quays the factors that need to be understood are vast, these range from the overall regeneration master plan, the plans that developers have for developments that are under construction, the land that has already been sold to residential developers but has yet to start development, the potential of a new river crossing, the changes Southwark have planned for Lower Road, the potential “ripple effects” of the Old Kent Road corridor and its designation as an “opportunity area” for large scale development, new Build to Rent developments in the area and many more.

Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable, they not only based in Surrey Quays but also make it their business to know about these factors and understand how they may affect the current or future value of your property. Moreover, understanding these factors is not only important for the seller but also potential buyers, as these facts can often make the difference between buyers making the right offer or not.

If you would like to see how we can help you achieve the best result for your property in Surrey Quays or if you would just like to have a chat with our team to understand your options. Please contact us.


Letting your property Surrey Quays?

The Surrey Quays area has a huge amount to offer potential tenants and it’s easy to see why it’s top of a lot of tenants wish lists. Tenants are often driven by convenience and they look for an area that will not only allow them access to their place of work but also easy access to amenities such as shops, cafes and restaurants as well as entertainment and leisure facilities such as parks, cinemas and nightlife. Surrey Quays ticks a lot of these boxes.

Due to its excellent location within Central London, Surrey Quays offers easy and quick access to the key locations of Canary Wharf, London Bridge, The West End and the tech and design hubs, such as Shoreditch and Hoxton. Not only are these areas the locations that many people are employed but they are also areas that are thriving with nightlife and entertainment. One of the unique elements of Surrey Quays is its tranquillity, this is in some part due to its beautiful docks and green spaces, which allows tenants to enjoy having London’s busiest areas only minutes away but also to have the space and freedom to enjoy walks along the docks and parks at home.

When working as a letting agent in Surrey Quays, it’s vital that a Lettings Negotiator understands the factors that are driving demand from tenants so that they can inform potential tenants of all the fantastic reasons that people are choosing to live in the area for. Our team regularly find that prospective tenants for areas such Canary Wharf and London Bridge can actually find their dream property in Surrey Quays, rather than those areas, and we regularly let properties to such applicants. Another vital aspect is having an in-depth knowledge of the local area and what it’s actually like to live there. Several of our team not only work in the area but also live locally. This gives them a great incite and this information can really make the difference when dealing with potential tenants who are new to the location.



Madley Property’s Surrey Quays team have a comprehensive range of residential properties for sale across the Surrey Quays, Canada Water and SE16 area.

Surrey Quays and Canada Water have been showing growth potential for some years now, making the area a favourite for owner occupiers and investors. Many of London’s biggest developers have now gone into the area, creating huge premium projects to take advantage of the easy transport links to the City and West End.

View current properties for sale in the Surrey Quays area


Madley Property’s Surrey Quays & Canada Water team have a comprehensive range of residential properties to let across the Surrey Quays, Canada Water and SE16 area.

SE16 offers fast and easy access to Central London, particularly via the Jubilee Line and Overground trains, but at rental prices that are more affordable than anything in the central areas. It offers high specification modern developments alongside its more traditional housing stock.

View current properties to let in the Surrey Quays area

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