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Why should I live in Bermondsey?

Bermondsey is one of London’s most exciting residential areas and over the past decade it has gone from a historic but neglected area to become one of the capital’s most talked about areas of regeneration. With its historic docks and quays linked to the south side of the river Thames, old and new exist cheek by jowl and diverse but stunning views lay around many corners. The closely linked financial and business districts of the City and Canary Wharf make breathtaking backdrops across the river whilst the business hubs of London Bridge and Bankside are within easy walking distance. Little wonder then that the whole area, nudging the river with views over the neighbouring City, has been catapulted to the top of many wish lists.


Selling your property in Bermondsey?

The area of Bermondsey is diverse and its many catchments have undergone much regeneration and redevelopment. The area has long been tipped as one of London’s most key areas of regeneration. Many of London’s top developers have targeted the area and continue to do so with numerous landmark developments either complete or in the pipeline.

The buyer demand for the area has also seen a significant increase across the last decade. One of the key factors in Bermondsey’s continued rise is the area’s appeal to such a broad range of buyers. Owner occupiers love the area as it gives a fantastic mix of being so centrally located but also being a place people want to live, not just work. The same reasons make it ever popular with tenants and this in turn allows investors to have strong rental returns to run alongside the area’s massive potential for capital growth. Bermondsey is packed with quirky markets, an amazing mix of bars, restaurants and cafes and is one of London’s “foodie” hotspots. The area also boasts a mix of boutique shops and trendy offices that sit alongside fantastic transport links and the must have basic amenities.

Housing stock in the area is very varied and this is another factor of the area’s charm and another attraction for buyers. The mix of period houses, trendy converted maisonettes, modern new builds to ex local authority stock to 1980s housing means that the area has almost something for everyone at a big range of budgets. Areas such as Bermondsey Spa and the upcoming redevelopment of Millwall football club have been given much press but the area has much more to offer buyers than these headline schemes. The area also holds a key location between some of London’s most exciting regeneration zones such as Canada Water, Surrey Quays, Old Kent Road and Deptford. Given the huge change these areas are undergoing the “ripple effect” for Bermondsey’s values will be significant.

When dealing with areas of such significant change, it’s vital that an agent understands the history and trajectory of these changes and how they can affect a property’s value. It’s not enough to just understand one area, too have a true understanding an agent must also understand the change already underway in neighbouring areas and the impacts this may have on values in the area the property is situated. This is equally important when it comes to valuing a property on behalf of a vendor or informing potential buyers and investors. This knowledge can make the difference of £1000s in an asking price, time to sale or offer from a potential buyer.


Letting your property in Bermondsey?

Tenant demand is often driven by convince so it’s understandable that, due to its enviable location in Central London and its outstanding travel connections, Bermondsey is at the top of many tenants wanted list. The area also offers more than easy access to other areas, it’s now very much a destination of its own and one where people want to live and be seen. Packed with trendy bars, restaurants, clubs, shops and events, it is one of London’s most popular areas to visit and a mecca for “foodies”. The Bermondsey area is packed with trendy workspaces and these sit alongside it’s many parks and green open spaces.

With an area that is this varied and quite vast, it’s key that Lettings negotiators understand exactly what the area has to offer prospective tenants over and above the basic requirements. Knowing where the tube station is not enough, and most tenants want to know the inside scoop on the area and location. This can be where the best local bars and restaurants are and knowing the quickest way to get there, being able to point tenants in the right direction for the weekly shop or knowing the best day to visit their local tapas bar on Bermondsey Street or the best place for their family to park when they visit them. These kinds or insights come from an in depth knowledge of an area and this comes from years of working, living and dealing with hundreds of other tenants in that live in the area.



Madley Property’s Bermondsey Sales team have a comprehensive range of residential properties for sale across the London Bridge and SE1 area.

Bermondsey and the surrounding SE1 and SE16 area is simply a great place to live. It’s close to the centres of the City, the West End and Canary Wharf, with superb transport links both to other parts of London and the rest of the country. It’s packed with great bars, restaurants, cafés and shopping facilities and a compelling mix of residential and commercial property. Owner occupiers and investors alike will continue to be drawn here.

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Madley Property’s Bermondsey Lettings team have a comprehensive range of residential properties to let across the Bermondsey SE16 and SE1 area.

The vibrant lettings market in Bermondsey reflects the soaring popularity of the area. Here you’ll find pristine modern developments with premium facilities, warehouse conversions and Victorian houses, creating a diversity that caters to every taste and need.

View current properties to let in the Bermondsey area

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